About Coastal Cruisers

Coastal Cruiser originated out of a little surf shop in South San Clemente, California. 

Our goal at Coastal Cruiser has been to find better ways to get to the beach and on the waves, we want to stop having to drive to the beach, look for parking, save on gas, and still have the ability to explore different surf spots. 

Bikes are the logical choice but because San Clemente has so many hills and over 15 different beach options the Electric Bike was our obvious choice.  

We created our Coastal Cruiser brand to solve this problem, today we have the pleasure of offering the best way to get the lowest cost eBikes in the hands of all of you, our friends, family, and neighbors so everyone can enjoy the ride. Since its inception in 2016 we have successfully brought our Coastal Cruiser eBikes to Huntington Beach, San Diego, and continue to have our homebase in San Clemente.