At Coastal Cruiser Bikes, we believe in embracing the adventure that lies ahead. Whether it's cruising through a beachside town with friends or taking the scenic route home from work, there's nothing quite like the joy of having a coastal cruiser bike take you there.

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Award Winning Features

Top Speeds of up to 28+ MPH

Long Distance Range of Up to 40-60+ Miles

275 lb. Payload Capacity


Hydraulic Brakes

750 W Motor


Step Over Bikes

Leaving nothing to the imagination when it comes to combining comfort & speed with a timeless, classic design, our fat tire step over cruiser electric bikes come equipped with a 52V 750W motor—making them some of the fastest cruiser bikes on the market!

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Step Thru Bikes

Sharing specifications with their step over cousins, our fat tire step thru cruiser electric bikes are everything you could ask for when it comes to finding the perfect mix of comfort, style, and speed!

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Folding Bikes

Known for their modern, sleek design, desirable range, and top speeds of up to 28 MPH, our 750W folding electric bike is a best seller among travelers and commuters.

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Moto Style Bikes

The Coastal Cruiser Bikes Ripper is a mighty contender in the market for stylish yet powerful electric bikes.