About Us

Our goal at Coastal Cruiser has been to find better ways to get to the beach and on the waves. We want to stop having to drive to the beach and look for parking. And of course we want to save on gas, and still have the ability to explore different surf spots. 

E-Bikes are the best option because Southern California has so many hills and endless beach options! Turns out, they are great in any coastal community.

We created Coastal Cruiser Electric Bikes to offer the best quality, velue, and overall ride experience in a beach cruiser. Now everyone can enjoy the ride.

Since inception in 2016 we have successfully brought our Coastal Cruiser eBikes to people throughout the US - and continue to have our home base in Southern California. 

Why Buy Coastal Cruisers?

1. Coastal Cruisers are the highest quality electric bikes we can make!

2. We offer great value - getting the most bang for your buck!

3. Our San Diego based team will provide customer service directly and always ship out orders fast!

4. You will look super cool riding one!